Documenation RulesBot

This is the documenation for the RulesBot v2.1


  • Name : RulesBot
  • Version : 2.1
  • Developer : BaseChip#2390, Skidder#0001 and romangraef89#0998
  • Support Server : Klick me

This documentation is to help you setting up the RulesBot on your discord server


just if you want to host the bot yourself

  1. python3.6
  2. peewee
  3. aiohttp
  4. rewrite api (not normal Dowanload here

Help command #back to top

The help command is there to help you find the commands you need to setup or use the bot on your own server. The message from the bot should look like the table below

Command Description
-pchange With this command you can change the prefix from the bot
-setup This is the main command from the bot, because with this command you can setup up the rule function more info
-setupreaction here you can set up any reaction for the users to get an role more info
-editmessage With this command you can change your rules text more info
-restore This command restore your rules if you delete them more info
-info shows some info about the bot

Setup the bot #back to top

Get started

Before you start the setup you should create a channel into which the rules should come later. Note that @everyone should be able to read in the channel, but not write, however the bot should. Furthermore, you should create a channel only for the server team in which the bot should send the logs of who accepted the rules. You should also create a role with which users have access to all channels and @everyone has no access (see pictures)

example 1 example 2

Now you can run the setup in any channel on your server with -setup (if you didnt changed the prefix). If you get the error "You timed out" then you need to write faster ;)

Its important that the role "rulesbot" is higer then the role he should add the new users

Multible Reactions under a message to get an role#back to top

This is an extension of the main function of this bot, because with this command you can let the bot add a reaction under a message, which when a user reacts to it assigns a role defined by you to this user.

To do this just send the bot the -setupreaction command and follow the setup wizard from the bot

Restore your rules#back to top

Why is this needed?

This feature is for everyone who deleted the rulesmessage by mistake

How to use

Just send the bot the command -restore and the bot sends an complete new rules message with all your in the setup defined settings again, but make sure that the bot hass the right to send messages to this channel

Edit your rules message#back to top

With this command you can change the text of your rules message. This is when you just want to change your rules, but not the other settings like the role or the welcome message.

Version History (Changelog) #back to top

Here can you find all the changes and updates we did to the bot

Thanks for using!


                                        Version 2 - 10.05.2018
                                        +    NEW:     emojis under a message to get a role
                                        +    NEW:     recovery command (-restore)
                                        +    NEW:     this README
                                        +    CHANGE:  Complete Rewrite
                                        +    CHANGE:  Now channel mention instead of the channel id
                                        +    CHANGE:  better ping message
                                        +    CHANGE:  more error checks during the setup
                                        +    CHANGE:  eval command for the bot owner(s)
                                        +    CHANGE:  new texts
                                        +    BUG FIX: if you have too many roles the setup will now also work
                                        +    BUG FIX: thee bot test now his permissions during the setup
                                        +    BUG FIX: when reaction is removed -> role will be removed
                                        -    REMOVE:  Time part in the setup


Copyright and license #back to top

Code released under the MIT License License.

you can finde the complete code on GitHub

Here you can find an imprint

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