Functions RulesBot
Here you can find all the features of the RulesBot

Main Functions


This is the main feature of this bot which allows you to create a rule message that new users must first accept in order to gain access to the server. When this command is executed, the bot will ask for the data it needs to create these rules. Usage: -setup -rules

Edit Message

With this command you can change your rules text. Usage: -edit_message [new rules message]


You have deleted your rules? No problem! Just execute this command and the bot will resend your rulesmessage with every settings you did. Usage: -restore


You have another bot that reacts to the prefix - ? (litrealy every bot) Then you can easily change the RulesBot prefix with this command against a prefix you selected Usage: -pchange [new prefix]

Data guild

With this command you can easily see which data we have stored about your server. This command also shows automatically if the role of the bot is too low or there are any other problems. Usage: -data_guild

Setup Reaction

You don't want to create rules but want certain emojis to assign a certain role to users under a message? Then this is the command for you. It should be mentioned that there is a limit of three reactions per message, which is extended by Premium. For Premium Tier 1 the limit is 10 reactions and for Tier 2 a total of 20. Usage: -setup_reaction -setupreaction


This is a really simple command, but it can be quite useful in some situations. Because this command only lists all roles that exist on the server with the corresponding id Usage: -roles

Beta Functions

Setup Channel

In my opinion, this command is really helpful and can save a lot of time. With this command the RulesBot automatically edits all channels mentioned in the message so that new users first have to accept the rules to be able to see that channel. Please note that the RulesBot needs the appropriate permissions to edit the channels and that you should not mark the Rules Channel, otherwise new users will not be able to see this channel. Usage: -setup_channel [channel mentions] <as more other channels as you want>

General Functions


Well admitted, this is actually only half an command, but nevertheless he deserves his place here. The only thing this command does is to name the current Ping of the Bot to Discord, which can also be seen here. Usage: -ping


This command displays some useful information and links from the bot Usage: -info


This command displays some information about our server, e.g. the CPU load or the current RAM load. This information is not as well organized and in the historical context as the extended stats, but it is nice for a small impression. Usage: -stats


You need help but don't want to join our support server (which is really tragic)? Then you can simply use this command to create a support ticket which will be automatically sent to our moderators to help you as soon as possible. Usage: -ticket create [message] -ticket reply [ticket id] [message] -ticket close [ticket id] <reason>


With this command you can see who is supporting our project (except from our supporters). These people are the ones who motivate us to keep working on the bot and make it open source on GitHub. They motivate us to help you with questions and write pages like these. They motivate us to put a lot of our free time into this project. So thanks to every single supporter. Usage: -supporter -> You should have a look <3

Premium Functions

You can get an overview over all the things you get with premium here or buy it on patreon

Custom Server Stats

In fact, this is not a real command and does not run automatically because we have to set something up for you. But for us to do this you need to enter the command -request_stats on your Guild and then we will set up an online webpanel for you where you can get detailed stats about your server, how many users have rejected your rules, how many users you have on your server or how many users without a role still on your server. This feature is recommended for everyone who has a larger server and wants to get more information about your server.

Premium Ticket

To create a premium ticket you can create a ticket as usual and the bot will automatically recognize that you have premium and upgrade the ticket. This ensures that all moderators and team members are mentioned and these tickets are answered with a greater effort and especially as quickly as possible and have priority over all other tickets.

Alway online bot

You will get access to this function by a message, which the bot will send you after buying Premium. In this message you will also find the corresponding Invite link from the bot. This bot does not need any setup and will send you a message after adding it to your server if it has all necessary permissions or if there are any other problems. Otherwise you can simply leave the bot on your server and it should continue to assign all roles in case the normal RulesBot is offline. Also, this bot is online when the normal RulesBot gets an update and we have to install it on the server first, which can usually take about an hour. So if you have a big server we recommend this feature.

Acces to RulesBot Stats

If you have already requested the custom server stats, you can simply access the RulesBot stats with the same access data. If this is not the case please contact BaseChip#2390 on Discord and he will get you login information for these stats as soon as possible.
Last modified 3yr ago